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Venue & Travel

The conference will be held in the Liškiava Cultural Centre, southern Lithuania, 12 km northeastern from Druskininkai.

Liškiava was firstly mentioned in the historical annals in 1044. It is supposed that the first wooden church in Liškiava was built in the beginning of the 16th century. In 1699, the church was transferred to the Dominican order. A new church and monastery were built until 1741. However, very soon, in 1795, after the Third Partition of Republic, Liškiava became a part of Prussia. The monastery was abandoned because novices were forbidden to enter the monastery. The church has survived as a parish church, while the monastery after the death of the last monk in 1814 was closed and used for different purposes. In 1999, the public institution “Liškiava Cultural Centre” was founded. A part of the ensemble building was transferred to it.
Liškiava could be easily reached by car from Druskininkai (12 km) and Merkinė (21 km) directions. We can organize a shuttle from Druskininkai.

When driving, we do not recommend the shortest way (Road No 2519) through Panara because it is a sandy country road. In autumn, it was easily passable, but we cannot guarantee that the similar quality will be in the next autumn.

The weather forecasts from the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service:
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The travel route from Merkinė to Liškiava


Approximate location of conference place in Liškiava (red mark)


Exact location of the conference place and driving directions


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