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teodoras                               Teodoras Bitvinskas (12th June of 1928 - 22nd September of 2008)

        In 1935-1944 T. Bitvinskas attended primary school and gymnasium's primary classes in Raseiniai and Lyduvėnai. The 2nd World War T. Bitvinskas with his family spent in Poland. In 1949 T. Bitvinskas entered Faculty of Forestry of Lithuanian Agricultural Academy and in 1954 received a diploma of a forest economy engineer. In 1950-1955 T. Bitvinskas worked at the Geology, Geography, and Lithuanian Forest Institutes and in 1955-1960 - City, Agriculture and Industry Projection Institutes.
        His first dendrochronological research was carried out in Biržai forests in 1953. In 1960-1962 under the supervision of Prof. Vaidotas Antanaitis (Lithuanian Forest Projection Institute), Teodoras Bitvinskas have collected a rich material on radial growth from Lithuanian forests. In 1962 Teodoras Bitvinskas entered doctoral studies in the Department of Forestry Lithuanian Agricultural Academy (scientific advisor - Prof. V. G. Nesterov). Doctoral dissertation "Radial growth dynamics of pine forests and possibilities of forecast" was maintained on 19th May 1966. In 1966-1967 Teodoras Bitvinskas worked in Lithuanian Forest Institute. A Group for Dendroclimatochronology was founded on the 1st January 1968 at the Institute of Botany of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. The dissertation (doctor habil.) "Bioecological background of dendrochronology" was maintained on 27th December 1985 in Sverdlovsk Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology. He was also a head of the Dendrochronological Data Bank of Soviet Union and vice-chairmen of the Dendroclimatological Commission of Soviet Union. Please visit our bibliography page for references.


A picture from the Laboratory archive taken around 1980's. The first row from left: prof. A. Merkys (likely), prof. Leonardas Kairiūkštis, dr. habil. T. Bitvinskas.


Teodoras Bitvinskas speaking with the local supervisor during the 1st DendroProvenancing meeting in Tolieja (Molėtai distract, Lithuania) in 2005.

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