Laboratory of Dendrochronology

Research projects

ARBODIAGNOSTIKA: Invazinės grybų rūšys vertingų medžių patogenezėje: pavojingų būklių diagnostika ir prognozė / Invasive fungi species in the pathogenesis of valuable trees: diagnosis and forecast of dangerous states. Project is supported by Reserch Council of Lithuania (LEK-10021).

Project duration: August of 2010 - December of 2011.

Main tasks:
The goals:

ISONET (Variability using a High Resolution Isotopic Network): 400 years of Annual Reconstructions of European Climate. Project is supported by European commission within the 5th framework.

Project duration: 2003-2006.

Main tasks:

INTAS project 2001-0550: The Solar-terrestrial climate link in the past millennia and its influence on future climate

Project duration - 2002-2005.

Main tasks:

Lithuanian State Sciences and Studies Foundation - Research on genetic biodiversity and growth heterogeneity of Scots pine

Project duration - 2005.

Main tasks:

Lithuanian State Sciences and Studies Foundation - Complex investigation of Stone Age pile dwelling settlements

Project duration - 2001-2004.

Responsible for the research work - Lithuanian Historical Institute. Leader - Habil. dr. A. Girininkas.

Main tasks:

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