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In April of 2015, the Group of Dendroclimatology and Radiometrics formally has suspended the scientific activity because of the loss of workspace. Our website will be maintained on the voluntary basis.

The visit of Dr. Māris Zunde in 2014.

The website was moved to the new domain An immediate redirection from the links of older site is set up. Although, the size is not limited, much more publications will be available for download!

A page devoted for Phytophthora investigations carried out by a joint group from Environmental Research Centre and Kaunas Botanical Garden has started.

Our site was moved to a new server. This allowed us to enhance available information. Together with this, our pages were updated with the current data.

Project Arbodiagnostika (Invasive fungi species in the pathogenesis of valuable trees: diagnosis and forecast of dangerous states) has started.

Laboratory of Dendrochronology was founded on 1st of January 1968. This is a forty-year anniversary of Laboratory!

The visit of Dr. Marcin Koprowski in 2007.

The visit of Prof. Hanns Hubert Leuschner in 2007.

Updated lists of Lithuanian bibliography (presentations in conferences, thesis, and references) in the field of dendrochronology. Some publications are available for download as pdf files. These lists will be updated regularly. To date, the lists contain 121 entries on presentations, 44 - thesis, and 342 - references.

International meeting "DendroProvenancing" has been organized in cooperation with Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Protection of Hamburg University took place on 1-4 September of 2005 in Molėtai district.

The oldest subfossil tree containing 417 rings was found.

Automatic weather station was installed a nearby experimental plot for measuring seasonal radial growth (Vaišnoriškė Village). Monthly meteorological data are here. They will be updated on a regular basis.

Updated information on the chronologies published in a Soviet period: added titles in original language.

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