Laboratory of Dendrochronology

grupe Dr. Jonas KARPAVIČIUS
Laboratory of dendrochronology
Scientific researcher, emeritus

Jonas Karpavičius was born on 12th May of 1948 in village Kampiškiai (Kaunas district).


Studied in Faculty of Forestry at Lithuanian Agricultural University (1966-1971) and received a specialization of forest economy engineer. Doctoral dissertation "Individual and group variability of radial growth of (Pinus sylvestris L.) in zone of mixed forests" was maintained in Minsk (1984). Scientific activity of Jonas Karpavičius is connected to the Laboratory of Dendroclimatochronology. Jonas Karpavičius worked at the position of engineer (1972), after finishing doctorate as younger researcher (1975), researcher, and senior researcher (1992-2005). Head of Laboratory in 1994 01 01 - 2002 01 13. Retired in 2011. Please visit our bibliography page for publications.


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