Laboratory of Dendrochronology

Adomas Vitas
grupe Dr. Adomas VITAS
Laboratory of Dendrochronology
senior scientific researcher
E-mail: a(dot)vitas(et)gmf(dot)vdu(dot)lt

Adomas Vitas was born on 29th December of 1973 in Kaunas.


Faculty of Biology (1996) at Vytautas Magnus University (bachelor's degree of Biology Sciences). Bachelor's thesis: "Dendroclimatological research of Norway spruce in Kazlų Rūda forests". A work "Dendroclimatological research of Norway spruce in central and western Lithuania" in the competition of high school students scientific works organized by Lithuanian Academy of Sciences was granted with diploma (1996). Master's diploma (1998) of Environmental protection organization from Department of Environmental Research. Master thesis: "Dendroclimatological research of Norway spruce in central and western Lithuania". Doctoral diploma (1998) from VMU Department of Environmental Research (Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences). Dissertation was maintained on 11th September of 2002: "Impact of climate factors to the radial increment of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)". A. Vitas was awarded for the best results in the biomedical sciences in 2012 by VMU. A. Vitas is a member of Tree Ring Society. Please visit our bibliography page for publications.

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